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The Initial Assessment and Commitment : "How do I Start?"

Tools that will help you learn about the PFCC and how to initiate a PFCC program in your practice.

Develop Patient Participation and Leadership: "How do I get patients engaged"

Tools will help you to get patients and families involved.

Strategic Planning: "How do I get my practice partners involved?"

Tools that will help you create a plan and leverage patient-and family-centered care in your practice.

Education Tools: "What information can I present to patients and partners?

Find resources to share with your patients and partners.

Evaluations : "How do I know it is working"

Tools to measure and determine if your plan is working.

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  • Academic Settings
  • Children's Hospital
  • Hospital Settings
  • Private Practice (LG)
  • Private Practice (SM)
  • Veterans Health Administraton
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  • Engage Leadership and Patients
  • Educational Tools
  • Evaluation
  • Initial Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
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